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Why you should use a professional


The availability of inexpensive design software, scanners and colour printers has convinced many that graphic design is easy. It’s not! Many hours can be consumed trying to design the simplest of flyers and the end result is unlikely to produce artwork that will communicate as well as that designed by a professional.

Designers spend years qualifying in their profession and invariably have substantial natural creative talent.

A good designer is an artist, utilising the tools of modern technology to create colour relationships, select appropriate type styles and integrate design elements, photographs & illustrations into a package that makes sense and has the best chance of achieving its objectives.

Good design makes a meaningful contribution to the overall effectiveness of any marketing campaign and is well worth the investment it requires.


Bromley Direct is a broker of print services sourcing the printer best suited to the job.

Quotes can vary by substantial amounts simply by using the wrong type of printer. Loyalty is admirable but at what price?

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