Does your business need more sales?

- Keith Brown

Of course it does…but in today’s environment it’s not that easy. There are however relatively simple things you can do to improve.

  • Accept that you need to be pro-active
  • Plan what you are going to do
  • Do it!

I have written on this subject a number of times yet it still surprises and astounds me that so many businesses are not pro-active and do not continually prospect for new clients and do not communicate with the customers they already have.

Consider this example…

I have lived on a small rural property for many years and I can count on one hand the number of property maintenance flyers I have received in my letterbox. And it is pretty much the same for mower type equipment. I am a prime prospect for such products & services but if I want them I have to go looking via Google, the local paper or various on-line forums. Business should be pro-active with their sales endeavours as there are many such opportunities. Putting your business in front of the prospect makes it easier for them and beneficial to you.

How you generate new enquiries will differ and depend on the type of business, the profile of the potential customers and where you are logically best able to find them. You can read further about this at the following link:

Potential customers and where to find them?

Once you have a customer then generating additional sales from that customer is generally seven times more effective than finding a new customer. As consumers or businesses we have all acquired products and used a variety of services yet how often do those suppliers follow up and ask for more?

Banks do it, wine companies do it, travel organisations, motor vehicle traders do it and Bromley Direct does it and so should you, it works!

You can use email, direct mail or telephone as a means to make regular contact with your customers. It can be a newsletter, product update, general information, special offer, upcoming event, pretty much anything that is of interest and/or benefit.

A simple plan will get you underway …

  • Monthly do something to generate new customers
  • Quarterly communicate with current customers

The detail of implementing these strategies needs to be worked out and again it will differ between business types. But it isn’t difficult and if you need assistance Bromley Direct can contribute. After all it’s what we do..