How to use census data to focus your letterbox advertising…

- Keith Brown

Letterbox distribution is a mass medium and therefore the more material you distribute the better the chance of reachingyour prospective customer. This is great for supermarkets but for specialist and particularly for smaller business this can be a deterrent.

As in all things it is better to work smarter rather than harder and with letterbox distribution through Bromley Direct now you can. Distribution areas of 400-500 households have been merged with census data so that you can select or reject areas according to socio/economic profiles. As an example of how this is beneficial consider the following example:

A real estate agent soliciting sale listings is only interested in home owners. A selection of householdsiscarried out in the postcode areas of interest and the census data relevant to home owners matched against that selection. This then provides information reflecting the percentage of home owners relative to each individual area. The areas with the highest percentage of home owners are selected or alternatively areas with the lowest percentage are rejected. The advertiser now has a much better chance of achieving the required objective by promoting only in those areas with a high percentage of home owners.

This same selection logic can be used for many advertisers; retirement villages are interested in people above a certain age, fitness centres in a younger profile, toy shops & theme parks families with children and so on. Why not consider the ideal profile of your customer. Could you take advantage of this selection process?

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