What is Marketing?

- Keith Brown

Competition today is greater than it has ever been, so sound & logical marketing strategies are essential. To some this is a statement of the obvious but for many marketing is something for the too hard basket.

Marketing is not advertising or selling, those are strategies within the overall marketing objective. Marketing is the overall acquiring and retention of customers. Think of it as putting your house on the market. You clean the windows, mow the lawn, fix the broken down pipe, get everything working well and looking good and then do you auction or sell by private treaty? Advertise, on the web, in the local paper, flyers? All of these issues are essential to the successful marketing of your house.

To sell a house effectively it is necessary to do a whole lot of things and it’s the same in business. The difference is that in business you never stop marketing. Everything you do that could possibly affect your prospects potential is marketing. It may be a staff dress code, the signage on your premises, the quality of the design & print of your letterhead, business cards, brochures, website etc. Also, the way you respond to enquiries, how you deliver your goods or services, the way you collect your receivables and even how you pay your bills. A supplier is just as important to your business as a customer. You never know when you might need their cooperation to supply more quickly or extend your payment schedule!

In many ways marketing is IMAGE! You can have the best product or service in the universe but if you don’t present well in all aspects of your business your prospective customers won’t respond to the degree that they should. So take a look around and make sure you are doing the best you can to market your business successfully.